There will be a new Napalm Death mini-album out shortly. Century Media will release Resentment Is Always Seismic - A Final Throw of Throes on February 11. The mini-album contains eight tracks, including a Bad Brains cover and a cover of another band's song. An entirely new song by the band, titled "Narcissus," was also released. Napalm Death released Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism in 2020.

Napalm Death will release a new single and a new mini-album shortly, the band has announced.

There is a new "Closer to the Ground" video from Abraskadabra. The video was created by director and animator Maikel Moraes. The Shape of Ska Punk to Come Vol. II by Bad Time Records contains the song. Make Yourself at Home was released by Abraskadabra earlier this year.

The video for Abraskadabra's "Closer to the Ground" has been available online.

There is a new Shame song out. "Baldur's Gate" is a Christmas song. On Dead Oceans, you can buy the song as a one-track digital download. Shame's latest album, Drunk Tank Pink, was released earlier this year, and they'll be on tour in 2022.

Shame has released a new song, "Baldur's Gate."

Vulture Wake is a trademark of Thousand Island Records.

A Vulture Wake has been signed to Thousand Island Records.

The band announced the news via an Instagram statement that read: "Thank you for including us in your family, Thousand Islands Records! It's expected that new music will be made available in the year 2022." A Vulture Wake released their 2018 album The Appropriate Level of Outrage.

The End Of A Punk Era

Kat Bein Daft Punk, the much-loved French duo, announced their breakup on Monday (February 22) in an eight-minute video titled "Epilogue."

Whatever the case may be, it's high time we paid our respects. They are considered one of the most influential musical groups of the last two decades. Dance and electronic music are two of the most popular genres in contemporary music. Even country artists have used it in their songs. Daft Punk has unquestionably contributed to the dominance of today's pop sound.

Underestimated Heritage

Every album from Daft Punk's career has been derided by critics, only to be lauded years later. Daft Punk is the kind of band that other bands write songs about. (looking at you, LCD Soundsystem). As he accepted his first Grammy, Skrillex said, "I think Daft Punk should have won Grammys." Daft Punk pioneered the bedroom producer concept with their first album Homework in 1997, but the French duo has only toured twice in the past 20 years, the second of which launched the current dance music stage production concept.

Is This Over?

Daft Punk's 28-year career comes to an end with an eight-minute "Epilogue" video. In their most recent (and presumably final) album, Random Access Memories, Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder's careers were revived. A new generation of dance music fans was introduced to live dance instrumentalism. Daft Punk's 20-year career has produced some of the best music ever recorded. Nothing is more timeless, conceptual, and simple than Daft Punk's work. Rank this music is nearly impossible.