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Even hardy Klaxons fans on the NME Rave tour were awed by SHITDISCO's fluoro frenzy, which lasted all year and shot adrenaline into the dreariest of the last remaining fans.

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The Shitdisco was held in 2007

The Shitdisco was held in 2007

New to Glasgow's rave scene, Scotland's Shitdisco is a brand-new dance style. At Glasgow School of Art, the band was a student body.

Furious Success

Within weeks of its release, "Disco Blood/I Know Kung Fu" sold out. They are signed to the label Fierce Panda. "Kingdom of Fear" is Shitdisco's debut album. The band was given free lodging at a large house on West Princes Street in Glasgow, better known as "61," before discovering in the summer.

Playing Style

They've made a name for themselves by putting on free events in unusual places like styrofoam containers, strata, and verlaten spoorwegtunnels.

Shitdisco enjoys organizing parties.

Dance Kings

Although they're known for their freaky, jerky, shrieky disco hits like "I Know Kung Fu," they didn't set out to be a dance-punk band; they just wanted to throw great house parties.

Party Makers

This time around, Joe Reeves, Shitdisco's lead guitarist, and vocalist, DJed at Twat Boutique 2, aside from explaining how to throw a great party, discusses the growing popularity of gay music. That's precisely what the four of them did, starting a series of epoch-defining parties at a massive but historic mansion in Glasgow, where they were all studying art. The house parties boosted the sound. Darren, the band's drummer, was the host and the worst renter in the UK. It's almost inevitable that a film will be made about it.

Crucial Things

By way of TMC, Joe was asked to describe what makes an excellent party. "Think about the lighting," he advises, "make the lights really low and the music really loud so that it's unavoidable and people have to dance, bring a lot of friends, and that's a really simple party," he continues. Of course, you can make it more difficult by using bands." A lot of booze is required as part of the "Englishness" of being English. A cocktail of intoxicants, narcotics, and the company of friends keeps things moving. We would sit down and try to figure out the recipe for a fantastic party" as undergraduates, he says.

Utility Issues

For a long time in Glasgow, electricity was provided on a top-up pay-as-you-go system that cut off when your credit ran out. This is not an issue for many in modern Britain, but it was in Glasgow ten years ago. Megawatts of power was sucked up by pumping speakers, so Darren had to dash 15 minutes to the next charging station to recharge the electrical account. Keeping it old school is key. Although Joe adds, "in retrospect, it's a lot better than it was at the time," when asked about the problems with parties: "You always got police call-outs, power outages, and real dicks."