The Short Band History Of SHITDISKO

Creation Of Party Punk Band

Legends have been made out of their jam sessions with Klaxons and The Rapture, as well as their games of tour bus polo.

Legendary Tours

When SHITDISCO was formed in 2003, four post-art school men grew up listening to Talking Heads, The Prodigy, Girls Aloud, Donna Summer, and anything in between (as long as it was edging toward 2000 RPM). However, on their debut album, 'Kingdom Of Fear,' a more meaningful side to the band may be overlooked in the med-fueled mayhem.

On the first single and schizoid disco-punk manifesto 'Disco Blood,' for example, the chorus of "had that disco feeling on my mind, got it in my blood" seems straightforward.

Song Retrospectives

It references how AIDS patients felt when the disease first emerged. Observing the band's constant partying will reveal that it is essentially a political message. Defiance is the driving force behind everything SHITDISCO does. As Joe explains, "playing party music is founded for us on political convictions.

"Partying is a political statement because we can't change anything even by voting."

Disko Or Politics?

"Doing what is expected of you is not your priority. Partying for days on end is what you do instead." The choice is yours: go to the polls in vain to help elect a corrupt and powerless government, or spend weeks off your tits doing something productive instead? After that, it's all-out gabba-punk disco rants sprinkled with literary allusions from the '80s.

Alternative Pathways for Growth

The band has established a reputation for their DJ sets that include appearances at events like Bugged Out, Gatecrasher, and Modular in the UK and Judgement Sundays in Ibiza, a recent DJ tour of the United States, and extensive touring in the Far East.


While attending the Glasgow School of Art in 2003, the band was formed by Joel Stone (bass, guitar, vocals), Joe Reeve (bass guitar, vocals), Jan Lee (keyboards, backing vocals), and Darren Cullen (drums) (drums). Disco Blood/I Know Kung Fu, the band's first single, was released in December 2005. In 2007, Fierce Panda released their debut album, Kingdom of Fear, which they credited to Donna Summer and Arthur Russell as influences.


The Prodigy Gang of Four is a group of four young people who have the potential to be. Having released "I Know Kung Fu" and "Disco Blood," the band has toured the UK and Europe extensively, even playing in Bangkok and Istanbul. 2007 was when they signed with Sony Music in Japan and Dim Mak Records in the US. Disco Baby, a new wave album by 80 pans, was released in 2008.


To pursue a career as an illustrator, Jan Lee left the band in January 2008. She later worked in the restaurant industry. Tom Straughan replaced him on keyboards and backing vocals. After reaching an amicable agreement, the band disbanded in 2009. Age of Consent and Ubre Blanca were formed by members of the band, with drummer Darren Cullen pursuing a career in political art.